Agincourt shoot: A little different

Dunstable Bowmen is again organising a special Agincourt shoot (on the 603rd anniversary of the battle). It takes place on Sunday October 14th, from 11am at their field at the London gliding club, Tring road, Dunstable. Targets are likely to be once again Frenchmen (well, shop dummies partially hiding behind a castle of bosses), and there will no doubt be a hostage or two in their midst (negative points).

Format is a bit fluid, but usually the distances are up to 120yds (which should be reachable with light arrows and a 24lb club bow – but there will also be targets at shorter distances if it turns out you can’t reach 120yds). Only for unsighted, non-compound bows. Show up and pay on the day (GBP 8), and a good soup and bread lunch is included. There’s usually also some home-brewed ale to be had…

Medieval dress optional. Let Marc Bax know if you fancy coming along.