Barbering master class is a cut above

Two of the UK’s leading barbers, Mike Taylor and Hannah Grigg, treated Hair learners to a master class in barbering during their recent visit to Huntingdonshire Regional College.

Barbering has become big business. On average, men spend £180 a year on haircuts each year and take six minutes longer than women to complete their grooming regime.

Mike, who has been in the profession for 24 years and is a Director of the British Barbering Association, has an active role in the training and development of barbers and encouraged learners to consider a career in the industry.

He said: “Barbering has become the coolest trade to be in.

“The world is your oyster – there are opportunities to work in TV and on cruise ships, for example. Don’t let anyone hold you back, because it’s all out there for you.”

After giving a presentation on the history of barbering, Mike offered tips on techniques and using tools.

He was then joined by Hannah Grigg, and two volunteers from the audience, to give a cutting demonstration and fielded questions from the learners.

Hannah Wilkes, a learner, said: “I didn’t realise how varied the industry is until I joined the College.

“Mike’s presentation has made me a lot more interested in a career in barbering because it’s growing industry and the atmosphere of working in a barber shop appeals to me.”

Mike urged learners to sign up of the BBA student competition and to visit national barbering shows to develop their skills.

He added: “The more knowledge you gain, the better you get. If you’re the best in the room then you’re in the wrong room.”

Anyone who is interested in enrolling on a Barbering course at HRC can find more information at


Pictured: Mike Taylor and Hannah Grigg demonstrate their barbering skills.

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