Business guest speaker provides career tips to learners

Carli Beary, Brand and Marketing Director at Borney UK, gave Business learners at Huntingdonshire Regional College an insight into how the display solutions company operates during her visit to the College this month.

Carli gave valuable advice on interview techniques and building a CV and highlighted potential career paths, including Apprenticeships offered by Borney UK.

Carli said: “Borney Uk Ltd are keen advocates of the apprenticeship scheme that is offered at Huntingdonshire Regional College.

“With this in mind, we work closely with the college to offer advice and assistance in any way we can to ensure the students are full prepared with the right frame of mind, attitude and dedication needed to enter into the business world.”

Learners were encouraged to identify their strengths, areas in which they need to expand their skills, and next steps to become successful in the workplace.

Carli urged them to attend local job fairs and contact employers about potential job roles.

There was also the opportunity for learners to ask questions and give feedback on the presentation.

Business learner, Luke Packham said: “It was a really useful experience because Carli gave us lots of insight into the types of work that Borney does and about potential job roles.”


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