College’s Diversity Day promotes positive language and respect

The impact of positive and negative language was under the spotlight as learners entered the ‘Moral Maze’ at Huntingdonshire Regional College’s latest Diversity Day.

Learners were presented with a range of real world scenarios to highlight the consequences of using inappropriate language and to encourage respectful communication in all social situations.

The College is holding Diversity Days throughout the year to promote British Values, tolerance and understanding of the nine protective characteristics.

Riley Dawson, a Childcare learner, said: “I’ve learned that it’s possible to use language that isn’t negative or that stereotypes people.

“The activities have been interesting and fun and have changed my perceptions.”

This event featured a carousel of activities including Moral Snakes and Ladders, Get it right on the site, and Wax Lyrical which challenged learners to consider the influence of language in the workplace and wider society.

Meanwhile, HRC’s Photography department recorded video diaries of learners’ experiences and thoughts on the day’s activities

Principal, Susanne Stent, said: “It is of vital importance that young people use appropriate language when they enter the workplace as employers will demand this.

“We encourage our learners to be respectful and positive when engaging with others at all times.”

The College’s next Diversity Day is planned for Wednesday 16th March, themed around the PREVENT strategy.

Childcare tutor, Sally Smith, said: “Our Diversity Days provide an excellent opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge of our diverse culture and professional expectations.”


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