Digital Marketing Apprenticeship is a perk of the job for Corey

Emerald Eagle, a warehousing training provider based at Alconbury Weald, has stepped up its social media presence by appointing a Digital Marketing Apprentice.

Corey Perks was recruited from Huntingdonshire Regional College’s Access to Employment programme after he attended a Health & Safety course delivered by the company.

Brian Twydle, owner of Emerald Eagle said: “Corey’s attitude is what impressed me most and the fact that he was very proactive.

“Corey is bringing Emerald Eagle into the digital age and promoting our services by developing our social media and, eventually, our website.

“He is already demonstrating that he will become a valuable member of our team.”

Corey was offered a work placement at Emerald Eagle in November and began his forklift training.

However, as Corey’s IT skills and interest in digital communications became clear, the company looked for ways to capitalise on them.

Corey said: “This apprenticeship joined together what I wanted to do in creative design and IT.

“Access to Employment helped me achieve this by showing me how I could find work, how to build my CV and my portfolio.

“I give a lot of my thanks to the College staff for supporting me and teaching me things that I didn’t know and also to Brian for allowing me to work for Emerald Eagle.”

Corey will attend a 3-day ‘boot camp’ with 3AAA, the training provider delivering the apprenticeship, at the end of February to prepare him for the challenges of his new role.


Pictured: Corey Perks and Brian Twydle.

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