Hello Autumn!

Hello! its Lilly… I’m sat in the shop a little chilly but VERY happy as we have a tonne of new pieces in, including lots of lamps that just make the shop feel so cosy and welcoming. so whats new…

The smell in the shop is also incredible at the moment as we have a selection of handmade Soy wax candles in… they have been made by some local girls and we sell them at a special price of £9 instead of £11 like on easy.. so grab an amazing smelling bargain…but what i love most about them is they are made in paint tins!!!

as well…Max McMurdo has just had a bundle of his new books delivered and each has been signed with an message! such a cool thing! great for christmas presents… yes i said it, and yes i have already started buying (an yes even from our shop haha) but with my eldest’s birthday being mid December i like to be prepared! so yes come have a flick through of the new Upcycled book. they are only £20!

I’ve been sewing a lot lately now that both my boys are in full time school *sob* its bitter sweet. good for all of you as I’ve boosted our soft furnishing stock quite dramatically. with many handmade quilts & cushions. Hop&Biscuit have also been updating the our clothing range with hats, tops & seasonal items, which we feel is offering more for boys not just girls.

so it is the dogs blog… an update on Harriett she isn’t un today as she was barking mentally at every single customer yesterday and even at me!! she’s getting older, chubbier and more crazy but we love her all the same!