HRC – Finding the right Apprenticeship for you

There are so many Apprenticeship opportunities out there and finding the right one for you can seem a real challenge but, at Huntingdonshire Regional College, help is at hand.

Connie Armond, HRC’s Apprenticeship Recruitment & Employer Coordinator, says: “My role is to support people through the recruitment process and beyond.

“I begin by assessing every application we receive on the basis of where the applicant is located, their qualifications and what they are currently doing.

“This helps me to identify if they are able to take up a post immediately or require support before doing so.

“I then invite applicants for assessment and an informal interview to discover why they want take the Apprenticeship route and ensure that they fully understand what the role they are interested in entails.

“At the pre-interview stage, I encourage applicants to research their prospective employer and offer CV support.

“For anyone who is interested in Apprenticeships, but is not ready to apply for a specific role, I help them to identify their preferred role and the relevant career progression opportunities.

“It’s important for me find out from each individual where they want to get to so that I can help them by signposting potential employers and providing the right guidance.”

“I advise all applicants to take up work experience opportunities to get a flavour for their preferred Apprenticeship sector before they make a final decision.”

“Once an Apprentice has secured their role, the College continues to support them through the induction process with their employer.

“It’s great to receive thank you emails from people to I have been able to help.”

If you are looking for an Apprenticeship, please get in touch with Connie at or call 01480 379215.


Pictured: Connie Armond

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