HRC learners ‘triathlon’ triumph at Inclusive Skills competition

A team of learners from Huntingdonshire Regional College were crowned as winners of the latest Inclusive Learning Skills competition held at Peterborough Regional College on 27th January.

Competing against teams from PRC and Bedford College, the HRC learners had a trio of tasks that included preparing a healthy lunch, playing Boccia, and taking part in a quiz.

The activities involved were designed to promote teamwork, organisation confidence and communication.

Keeley Tupper, an HRC learner, said: “I would never have done this three months ago. I can’t believe we won.”

Natasha Little, Foundation Learning Curriculum Coordinator at HRC, added: “The learners’ confidence grew with every passing minute. I am proud of the result. However, the biggest achievement is them believing in themselves.”

The event, the first of five this year, brought together competitors from a range of Further Education providers to showcase their skills and talent.

Jeremy Lloyd, HRC’s Director of Learning and Regional Lead for Inclusive Skills competitions, said: “The regional strategy for bringing together these events shows a continued commitment to provide an equalising and competitive platform for young people to demonstrate their skills.

“Their participation is great news for all learners who represent their Colleges and allows their aspirations to be recognised.”

Keith Middleton, Operations Manager for ACER, added: “Building on recent successes at the 2015 WorldSkills UK competition, we are delighted to see such a strong collaborative programme of inter-college activity and the great opportunities for competing students to demonstrate and improve their skills, have fun and forge new friendships.”


Pictured: HRC’s winning team at the Inclusive Learning Skills event

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