Huntingdonshire Music School enters consultation process

As of 1st March 2016, the Music School at Huntingdonshire Regional College is entering into a 30-day consultation with the proposal to cease the provision at the end of the Spring Term.

Due to ongoing financial and operational pressures faced by the Music School, Huntingdonshire Regional College is no longer able to support its continuation.

Due to its status as a College, HRC incurs greater costs (i.e. defined benefit pension scheme for tutors) than smaller independent providers.  This has forced the current business model to be based on charging students a higher fee than other music tuition providers based elsewhere.

Student numbers have fluctuated but have been on a long-term downward trend for a number of years, partly in response to alternative provision being available locally at a reduced rate.

The College fully appreciates the impact this may have on nearby residents and the local community. Therefore, throughout the consultation period with the Music School staff and related organisations, it will aim to seek alternative suggestions for the continuation of this valuable provision within the local area.

The Huntingdonshire Music School Association which represents the students will be working actively with the College to investigate ways of continuing to run the Music School independently through the Summer term and beyond.

Staff will be fully consulted to enable the College to consider individual circumstances.  Learners that have paid in full until the end of the Music School year will be reimbursed for those lessons scheduled from April onwards.

If you wish to discuss the matter further, please contact Chantelle Watson, Head of Estates, at

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