Huntingdonshire Regional College prepared for Area Review

Huntingdonshire Regional College is positioning itself within the context of a Government review of Further Education that is likely to result in fewer FE colleges nationally, through mergers and the creation of federations.
The Government believes that larger colleges will be more financially effective and will be better able to specialise, in order to provide the high level technical and professional training needed to increase productivity in the UK.
All colleges are being reviewed on an area basis, which is likely to follow the LEP area, and this will be completed by March 2017. The actions coming out of the review will be fully implemented by 2020.
Huntingdonshire Regional College wants the absolute best for local learners and employers. The Corporation is therefore starting talks with the other local colleges to make sure we get the best outcome possible for Huntingdonshire.
Parents, carers, students and employers should know that this is currently just for information. It will not impact on current students or students in 2016-17 and they may not even notice a change beyond that.
In the long term, it should mean that colleges will be reorganised to improve their financial effectiveness and to even further improve the quality of our courses.
The process began in September 2015, when the Government published a document called ‘Reviewing post-16 education and training institutions: guidance on area reviews’, led by Nick Boles, Minister of State for Skills.
In order to reduce the national debt the Government has had to cut funding to many aspects of public spending and this includes cuts in funding to all colleges.
If you have any comments or questions about any of this, do please contact the Principal, Susanne Stent via her executive support officer at She is very happy to discuss this topic or provide regular updates if desired.

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