idle blogs…

Like most blogs, our seems to have sat idle and covered in cobwebs for the past few months… They always seem like such a good idea at the time, and are kicked off with a blur of enthusiasm, but then you realise that someone actually has to a) think of something worth blogging about, b) think of a witty/informative way of doing it and c) actually do it….

The frustrating thing is we know we’ve got plenty to talk about, we’re just so busy nursing a still fairly new business to find the time to chat.

So can we all take this post as confirmation that we will try and be better bloggers from here on in. More frequent posting will mean there’ll be more informative stuff about what we’re currently doing, about to do, and undoubtedly some stuff you might find less than interesting or worth a read. Hopefully you’ll bear with us and be able to slice through the bulk of our musings to find something that will bring you back here.

By way of a recap since our last post, and as a kind of excuse for our recent lack of postings, we have been busy:
– doing what we do and learning LOTS of new skills along the way
– delivering LOTS of furniture in our reliable, but slightly poorly, van
– working staff rotas around various pregnancies which also meant
introducing Teddy, a new son (for Holly) and grandson (for Sharon/Lee) into the family
– winning St Neots Business of the Year 2015 at the St Neots Community and Business Awards!!


Carrying on with the busy theme (sort of), we’ll be taking some well-earned rest and closing the shop next week while we tackle the garden and kitchen at our new house.
We’ll also be working on lots of shop stuff in preparation for our re-opening on Tuesday 23rd June, the week during which we’ll be celebrating our 1st birthday!



As we’re sort of sure we’ll now be blogging incessantly, we’ll speak to you again (very) soon….