Learners are made up about backstage role in Dance peformance

Huntingdon Dance Centre’s latest production, Maleficent, has given Hair & Media Make-Up learners at Huntingdonshire Regional College the chance to put their skills to the test.

Six learners have worked behind the scenes to ensure around 140 performers looked the part for a promotional photo shoot and dress rehearsal of the show, held at the Huntingdon Performing Arts Centre at the end of November.

Francesca Price, one of the learners involved, said: “I enjoyed working with the young children in the show. I feel I worked well under pressure and working in a team was really good as we were able to support each other which increased my confidence.”

HRC Job Coach, Dee Ansah, added: “The learners worked extremely hard and I was impressed with their skills and knowledge, especially how well they communicated with their clients.

“Taking part in this project will increase their confidence and give them an opportunity to apply some of the hair and make-up skills they have learned at College in the workplace.”

Following this success, the College hopes to work with the Huntingdon Dance Centre on future events.

Natalie Gadsby, whose daughter took part in the production, said: “HRC’s Hair & Media Make-Up students did an absolutely grand job – they were amazing.”

Hair & Media Make-Up learners also supported Huntingdon Youth Theatre’s production of Dracula which ran from 2nd – 5th December at Commemoration Hall in the town.

Hair and Media Make-Up

Pictured: HRC Hair & Media Make-Up learners (R to L) Deimante Romankevicuite, Emma Grant, Francesca Price, Chloe Smith, Poppy Law and Film Yueakyen.

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