Learners’ technical knowhow instrumental in launch of mental health webinar

A webinar to promote mental health and well-being went live to air last week from Huntingdonshire Regional College thanks to two IT learners who managed the project.

Luke Briscoe and Mikey Rolt were approached by staff at the College in autumn 2015 about the feasibility of setting up the broadcast and they immediately set to work with the support of their tutor, Dale Machin.

The webinar was hosted by Director of Learning, Jeremy Lloyd and Claire Harris, Mental Health Promotion Lead at Cambridgeshire County Council and gave an insight into how mental health is defined, what parents can do to promote its importance, and sources of support available to the public.

Luke and Mikey worked behind the scenes to ensure that visual, audio and streaming elements ran smoothly, following weeks of planning and testing.

Luke said: “It felt like we were working on a real live project that we had control over where our only limitations were time and budget.”

Mikey added: “It’s been a rewarding experience and we have received lots of enquiries.

“I’ve learned lots of set-up techniques and I’ve gained confidence for working on similar projects in the future, either at College or in a job.”

The learners are attending a review meeting to work with their client and to discuss how they can improve on the service.

The College’s IT department will roll out similar services to promote and incentivise the skills required for success in the business world.

Luke and Mikey

Pictured: IT learners Luke Briscoe and Mikey Rolt preparing for HRC’s mental health and well-being webinar

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