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Blazin’ Burger, St Neots where our passion is food! Simple as that! We believe that taste and quality are paramount in keeping our “ burger lovers ” happy! We believe that our British handmade burgers washed down with British Artisan beer or a cocktail is the ultimate in gluttony!! Many burger chains out there use a lot of rib fat and gluten in their burgers. We don’t! Our beef is 100% meat and is also gluten free. The only thing that we add is cracked black pepper and sea salt and that’s it! Our brioche buns are made every day and our vegetables are sourced locally! All of this to give our customers an exceptional experience!

At Blazin’ Burger, St Neots we have invested in a “Pira”charcoal oven to make our meat taste fantastic! The oven combines the features of an enclosed oven with a charcoal grill. This gives all of our burgers and steaks the smokey taste associated with barbecued meat, whilst enhancing the flavour and succulence and does not let the meat dry out or overcook which can typically happen with an open charcoal grill.


Monday to Thursday: 9:30am till 9:30pm 

Friday & Saturday: 9:30am till 10:30pm

Sunday: 10am till 9:00pm

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