Currently there are 12 Teams that have played throughout the Winter League, which runs from September through to April, & a smaller League runs during the summer months.
We have been running for many years but are trying to encourage new players, new Teams to participate as our numbers are diminishing (mainly due to people passing on).
We currently have a large cross section of players from under 20 to over 60’S

Clubs, All Ages over 18, as played in licenced premises

The League Teams meet on a Monday evening in various pubs and clubs throughout the area playing against one another on a points basis. Each Team must consist of a minimum of 8 players for the Winter League.It is very competitive and keeps your mind active but at the same time a very sociable evening.
New Players & new Teams are always welcome.

Anyone interested should e-mail Dave, see contact details.

St Neots Cribbage League Contact Info