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We are a small group of volunteers who help Sustrans maintain and promote the National Cycle Network.

Since the spring of 2009 we have been arranging monthly Guided Cycle Rides.

Everyone is welcome for these FREE gentle trips out into the countryside. Details of the rides and basic terms and conditions may be found on the Next Ride page.

Now that you have visited how about making contact so you receive regular updates on what the group and the rangers are doing?

Better still dust off your bike and come and join us for some of our rides. Why not bring along a friend or three? Group cycling is a very sociable way to spend a few hours exercising and getting some fresh air.

If you could be interested in becoming a volunteer ranger then general details may be found from the contact info.

St Neots Sustrans Rangers contact info

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Future group rides

Our St Neots cycling group rides have been running since 2009 and earlier this year I said to the local ranger volunteers and Sustrans that I intended to step down from the role as group [...]