Women’s Rights in focus at HRC Diversity Day

Women’s Rights was the focus of Huntingdonshire Regional College’s second Diversity Day, held on Tuesday 15th December, as learners gathered to raise awareness of issues surrounding the theme.

The exhibits on show were produced by groups of learners from across a range of study programme areas which highlighted topics such as women’s rights at work, domestic abuse, portrayal of women in the media, and sexual equality.

Freya Vail, who is studying Uniformed Public Services, said: “We have given information to learners about women working in the Armed Forces and it’s been interesting to hear their opinions which we have recorded and will use to create graphs in our maths group.”

“There has been a good range of stalls and it’s been very busy.”

Learners were encouraged to discuss the issues raised and engage in activities to help break down any misconceptions around the subject of women’s rights.

Director of Learning, Jeremy Lloyd, said: “Once again HRC has put this important event on the agenda to promote greater inclusivity and develop greater confidence in our learners’ awareness of human rights which are fundamentally essential in the modern world.”

“We are extremely pleased with the buzz that has been created and it is great to see learners engaging in this event.”

The event followed on from the first Diversity Day, held at the College in October, which concentrated on Black History Month.

Danny Morris, a Learner Governor, said: “I feel privileged to be part of such an inclusive organisation.

“HRC’s dedication to Diversity Day events shows how much the College cares about its students.”

Three further Diversity Days are planned for 2016 with the next one focusing on the theme of British Values.


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