Work experience projects help College learners get ahead

Learners from across Huntingdonshire Regional College are benefitting from regular work experience opportunities that give them an insight into potential future careers.

Among these, IT, Construction and Music Technology learners have enjoyed recent visits to local employers to develop their understanding of the world of work.

IT learners visited the Park View sheltered housing scheme, run by Luminus in Huntingdon, to deliver one-to-one digital support sessions for two residents.

The learners helped the residents to create their own email accounts so that they could surprise their grandchildren by sending messages to them.

Charlotte Tolley, Support Services Manager at Luminus, coordinated the visit and said: “It was a great opportunity for residents to learn the basics of how to get online and they really enjoyed the experience.”

Dr. Chan Abraham, Luminus Group Chief Executive, added: “We are delighted to be working with Huntingdonshire Regional College and to see local students volunteering to help others in this way is remarkable – it sets a great example to the whole community.”

Meanwhile, eight Construction Multi-skills learners, who are students at Hinchingbrooke School and Sawtry Village Academy visited the Linden Homes development on California Road to receive a tour of the site and learn about the various stages of the project.

Clive Simpson, a Construction Assessor at HRC, said: “The visit went very well. The learners listened to all health & safety instructions and adhered to the site rules as if they had done it all before.”

Finally, Music Technology learners have been working at the Noise Cabin studios, in Huntingdon, as part of an established link with owner and music producer, James Burke.

The learners involved have conducted studio set-ups and troubleshooting activities during the sessions.

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